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Tel: 86-760-88555555
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Fax for After-sales Service: 86-760-88160859
Special Line: 86-760-88559788 (GM Liu)




We have set up maintenance service stations in major distribution points all over the country, where there are special persons in charge of after-sales services. The service staff has skills and qualification for product maintenance through professional training. In addition, we form an after-sales service group constituted of professional technicians for settlement of quality problem and maintenance service, which will serve the customers together with maintenance stations and distributors all over the country. If customers at any place of country have any quality problems, the after-sales service group will solve it on the spot in 24h.

We provide “three guarantees” for products. If the product has any quality problem within one year, we will change it for you; if the product has any accident damage in five years, we will offer free maintenance; if the product has any quality problem for customer’s fault, we will offer free maintenance, but charge maintenance cost according to condition.

We will provide long-term follow-up services for matching products bought by group organizations besides “Three Guarantees” aforementioned.

1. We will dispatch professional technicians to install and debug products on the spot until customers feel satisfied.

2. The after-sales service group will learn about use conditions and settle quality problems put forward by customers every three months.

3. We strictly perform the commitment of after-sales service, and eliminate your worries about our products completely.

Fax for After-sales Service: +86-760-88160859

Special Line: +86-760-88559788 (GM Liu)